[musings of a novice wiccan]
my journey to being able to call myself: "witch".

i'm open to encouragement, intelligent discussions and any help that others' may have to offer.

please, if i post anything that is factually incorrect, i would like to know so i can be sure that i am learning the right information.

blessed be.

1 year ago
On 21 Jan '13

Shell Meanings

Sand Dollars — Wisdom

Moon Shells — Purification, Peace

Oysters — Love, Luck

Clams — Purification, Love

Olive Shells — Healing

Cowries — Prosperity, Money

Cones — Protection

Conch — Love

Scallops — Travel

Left-Handed Whelks — Positive changes

Abalone — General use, used to contain herbs, stones, etc.

Limpets — Courage, Confidence, Strength

[I took this information from thoughtsaboutstuffandsuch - whose tumblr appears to have been taken down. I wanted to include pictures of each shell in an orderly and clean fashion. I do not take credit for what the shells can be used for; I simply wanted to have a comprehensive resource for myself.]

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    Shell Meanings Sand Dollars — Wisdom Moon Shells — Purification, Peace Oysters — Love, Luck Clams — Purification, Love...
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